2023-2024 Board of Director Candidates

Meet the Central Park Players Board of Directors candidates! Here are the seven people (one seeking re-election) we have running to fill five empty seats on our Board of Directors. We are very fortunate to have so many wanting to be a part of the organization. Join us next Friday, July 14 at 6pm at Central Park Place in the Escanaba Room. Membership is required to vote and can be purchased there or online at https://cpp.ludus.com/passes.php


Richard Holmberg

Richard Holmberg is seeking re-election for Central Park Players Board of Directors.

Rich has been a wonderful choice for the board as he has strong family values, work ethic, humor, and creativity, with a “can do” attitude. He is fast to lend a hand and share his knowledge, as well as quick to volunteer and learn new things. All with the desire to benefit the organization.

Rich has been involved with Central Park Players for many years. Starting as a proud theatre dad to his 4 kids all the way to this, seeking your vote for re-election. He can be found on several sub committees, the current head of Family Enrichment. He even found his way onto the stage twice, most recently as Sir Arthur in WITCH.

The 2022-2023 season had Rich learning more about the tech side of theatre. It is his hope to continue this learning and possibly be the chair head.

This membership vote will bring in many new faces to the organization. It’s a good thing to be sure. Voting a person with established connections, deep roots, and first-hand knowledge of the unique workings of Central Park Players is beneficial, too. Rich will continue being a team player and strive to help CPP reach its fullest potential.

Besides Central Park Players, Rich has involvement with Grand Haven Orchestras, West Michigan Concert Winds, as well as Grand Haven’s own Prevailing Winds Community Band. Thank you for your consideration.


Rebecca Gierhart

Rebecca would like to be considered for a position on the Board of Directors for Central Park Players. She has been a resident of the West Michigan area for one year and has grown to love the community. Rebecca hopes to dig her heels deeper into establishing a true connection by giving back in any way she can.

Rebecca has been a part of Community Theatre since 2004 back in Ohio with the Star Theatre (Upper Sandusky), Morrow Little Theatre (Mt. Gilead) and Lost Flamingo Company (Athens). She has participated in many facets of theatre with these groups and neighboring high schools: acting, stage crew, assistant music director, director (One Act play), and pit orchestra. Rebecca also holds a degree in Music Education and participated in the Opera scenes for multiple years as an actor. She had to take a break from theatre in 2016 due to unforeseen circumstances, with “Dogs! A Tail Wagging Musical” being her return to theatre in almost 7 years.

In terms of organization, she is currently a member of the West Michigan Concert Winds (since Summer 2022). Rebecca is an alumni member of Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Delta Chapter. During her time as an active member in college (2010-2015), she was the Corresponding Secretary and President while also being a member of various committees within the group. Within these roles, she organized fundraisers, established connections with other chapters, assisted with various volunteer projects, and ran chapter meetings weekly following Robert’s Rules. Rebecca still uses the skill sets she learned both in current organizations as well as her professional work.

Some other skills that she has include computer literacy and Social Media. As an Activity Director in Ohio, she ran the facility’s Facebook page, posting images of residents (and ensuring consents were obtained prior to posting) and promoting events going on at the facility. Due to her background in Education and Recreation, Rebecca has developed the ability to create eye-catching flyers and programs, typing at a fast pace, and using software like Microsoft Word, Excel, Teams, OneNote and Google Drive.

Rebecca is hoping that you will consider any of these skill sets, both past and present, a benefit to the group in some manner. She is always eager to help out in any way she can, while pouring her heart and soul into projects to benefit her community. Rebecca appreciates your consideration for this Ohio girl.

Joy Lamphere

Joy’s experience with Central Park Players has been a delight to her and she would love to expand that experience by being considered for the CPP Board.

With Central Park Players she has been involved as an Performer, as an Usher, as a Producer and as a Costumer. Joy has worked with various directors, ADSMs and Producers.

All of her experiences gave her an appreciation for the organization and a willingness to continue serving the community with Central Park Players.

In addition to Joy’s experiences with CPP and other local theater companies, she has been involved with theater productions in Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania through acting, set design/decoration and costuming.

Joy has been on Boards for other organizations in the past: Patchers at the Lakeshore Quilt Guild (as Chair, Librarian, Challenge, and Historian), First Baptist Church of Franklin, PA (Search Committee Chair), and Country Charms Quilt Guild (Vice-Chair, Quilt Show Chair).

Thank you for considering her for the Central Park Players Board of Directors.

Aaron Ponce

Aaron is interested in running for a seat on the board. While his primary theater role has been that of an actor, Aaron would like to expand that.

He studied writing at Grand Valley State University and graduated in 2020 with his Bachelor of Arts. Aaron believes he can bring a cooperative outlook to his time on the board.

He is interested in helping CPP with artistic committees, discovering what productions to perform and assisting in casting, observations etc. All that can come from a storytelling perspective, a story creator and that having an avid love of reading and discovery can bring.

Through CPP Aaron has appeared as an actor in two productions (Death of a Salesman, & Witch). He spent 2008-2019 appearing in multiple productions at Muskegon Community College where he also received his associate degree. Aaron has experiencing working on comedies, dramas, and musicals as well as a few Shakespeare productions. He has worked with and grew up with many of the local theater members through those experiences.

Aaron briefly worked with MCT’s children’s ttheater touring around the Muskegon area to perform plays for schools. Most recently Aaron has expanded his acting resume by being cast in productions at the Playhouse at White Lake.

His writing background encompasses poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and screenwriting. He is

experienced in crafting stories and would welcome the opportunity to use those academic skills in helping to craft winning seasons for CPP that will draw in patrons and offer challenging but welcomed opportunities for performers and crew members alike. Grant writing for the organization is something Aaron would like to pursue too.

Thank you for your consideration.

Laurie Strait

Laurie is interested in running for a place on the board. Theatre has been her passion ever since she acted in her first show. Lauie was 14 and had twelve whole lines. Now 53 years later She’s still as passionate as when she first started. Laurie’s volunteered with MCT moving from acting to tech.

Broadway theatre in Mt Pleasant is where she spent around the last 20 years. Laurie loves every aspect of tech. She had the pleasure of directing several shows. Some of her favorites were To Kill a Mockingbird, Escanaba in the Moonlight, Cheaper by the Dozen and co-wrote and directed a Christmas production. Laurie also served on both boards at the Broadway theatre. One was in charge of the building and organization. The other was in charge of the volunteers and play productions.

Ever since Laurie moved back to Muskegon she have been involved with several productions at CPP.

Jessie Wilde

Jessie is writing to express her strong interest in becoming a board member for Central Park Players of Grand Haven. As an avid supporter of local theater and a passionate advocate for community engagement, Jessie is thrilled at the opportunity to contribute her skills, experience, and enthusiasm to an organization dedicated to providing quality performances starring local talent.

First and foremost, she brings extensive board experience gained through her involvement with several organizations, including MOMS Club of Muskegon, JCI Greater Muskegon, CAAMP, Toastmasters, and Taking Back Muskegon. These experiences have equipped Jessie with valuable insights into effective board governance, strategic planning, and collaborative decision-making. She understands the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive board culture that promotes creativity, innovation, and the achievement of organizational goals.

Furthermore, Jessie’s deep love for music and theater has been a lifelong passion. She has actively participated in various community theater productions, both on and offstage, and has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of the performing arts in bringing people together and enriching our cultural fabric.

Central Park Players commitment to showcasing local talent resonates deeply with Jessie who is eager to contribute to the continued success of the organization. By serving on the board, Jessie aim to leverage her skills in community engagement, networking, and organizational development to support Central Park Players mission.

Jessie believes in the power of theater to inspire, educate, and entertain, and is committed to helping Central Park Players fulfill its vision of providing high-quality performances at affordable ticket prices. With her experience in nonprofit management, event coordination, and marketing, Jessie is confident in her ability to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the organization.

In addition to her professional expertise, Jesse is excited to broaden her network and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the performing arts. Grand Haven has a vibrant artistic community, she looks forward to connecting with fellow board members,volunteers, and local talent to foster a thriving theater scene that enriches the lives of our community members. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ashley Zimmerman

Ashley has enjoyed diving in with volunteering, acting and being a part of CPP since last year, and she loves what CPP stands for in this community. Ashley’d like to put her name in the running for a directors seat on the board.

She is passionate about marketing, more community involvement and the overall goals of CPP for the impact it can have on the community. Her children are involved in productions as well! They are a theatre family, passionate about seeing their local community of theatre thriving!

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