2024 Board of Directors Candidates

We have 5 open positions on our board of directors, and 5 candidates who have submitted letters of interest and have completed a background check process.

Amber Ponce (incumbent)

I am running for reelection after serving my first term from 2021-2024 on the Central Park Players Board of Directors throughout which I have served as the Treasurer. You’ll never see me on stage, but I am involved in every single production.

During my tenure, I have implemented many projects designed to enhance communication and consistency among our organization. Actions include:

  1. Implemented a website that is responsive and easy to manage and update. I continue to run this site.
  2. Enhanced graphics consistency among various uses during my tenure as the Online Marketing Committee Chair (2021-2023).
  3. Implemented a Google Workspace which allows our board members to have @centralparkplayers.org
    emails and instant access to resources and archives of important information once they join the board.
  4. Spearheaded updates to by-laws, production manual, and committee descriptions and duties breakdowns.
  5. Created an Operation Manual to document the methods for conducting administrative tasks necessary
    to run our organization. I continually update this as processes change or we learn new procedures, so that no one should have to reinvent the wheel or overlook important requirements.
  6. Set up nonprofit status for discounted rates and tax exemptions with numerous vendors and payment processors.
  7. Implemented a New Board Member Orientation starting in 2022 to help new board members to become more effective sooner at contributing to various needs of the organization.
  8. Implemented Ludus, an online ticketing system with lower fees than our prior vendor and enhanced capability to offer season tickets through the platform, saving time and allowing passholders to pick their seats as early as the season is announced.
  9. Implemented online audition registration which stores forms in a centralized location and reduces time to register in person by eliminating redundant entry and ensuring clarity of information.
  10. Wrote and implemented a harassment policy, incident reporting structure, and code of conduct.
  11. Implemented a background check methodology for adult volunteers.
  12. Began a campaign for community outreach, starting with attendance and communication regularly with members of the Chamber of Commerce. I have also recently met with the Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance, Grand Haven Area Community Foundation, Tri-Cities Historical Museum about ways to collaborate.
  13. Advocated for our participation in the Community Theatre Association of Michigan and American Association of Community Theatre, and attended various workshops and online training to learn what other community theatre groups are doing to stay engaged with their community and maintain a fun, productive environment.
  14. Implemented a media relations campaign that has a high success rate for earned placement with local news and radio (meaning that we do not have to pay to be included).
  15. Adopted a digitized system for organizing volunteer opportunities and the roles which various volunteers wish to fill. Enhancing participation and providing advanced notice of opportunities to get involved.

I am an advocate for continual improvement; I believe that each production is an opportunity to do even better than we have in the past. I do more than share ideas, I am willing to do the hard work to implement them.

With my background as a marketing and operations consultant, I’m providing to Central Park Players for free what I charge clients for as a professional. I am continually learning ways to enhance efficiency and improve the experience for businesses, and I apply that experience to my services to this organization. I do this because I have a passion for the art that we create and an appreciation for the education and opportunities we provide to performers and technicians of all ages and skill levels.

 I would like to continue to build on the projects that I’ve started to improve participation and the experience of those who act, staff, and view our productions.

Adrienne Lewis-Cerchiori

Dear Central Park Players Board Members,

I am writing to express my interest in joining the board of Central Park Players. With a Bachelor of Science in Theatre Education from Ball State University, Master of Arts in Theatre Education from the University of Northern Colorado and a dynamic background in theatre spanning over 110 productions, I bring a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted passion for the performing arts.

Over the past three years as a theatre educator, I have dedicated myself to cultivating creativity and nurturing talent, overseeing between 11-18 productions annually and working primarily with people between the ages of 6-19. My roles have been as varied as they have been numerous: from directing and stage management to lighting, sound design, and even makeup artistry. This hands-on experience has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of theatre production and management.

Proficient in tools such as Canva for designing promotional materials and Ludus’ ticketing system for streamlined operations, I have embraced technology to enhance audience engagement and operational efficiency. My tenure as the theatre department head at R-P has further honed my skills in budget management, fostering diversity, and promoting inclusivity within our theatrical community.

In today’s evolving landscape, where engaging younger audiences is increasingly challenging, I am committed to leveraging my skills and experience to ensure that CPP thrives. I am driven by a desire not only to enhance my own capabilities but also to contribute meaningfully to the growth and success of the organizations I am involved with.

I have sent along a spreadsheet that includes my theatre experience. All relevant experience will be listed at the bottom. I am excited about the possibility of contributing my expertise and passion to Central Park Players as a board member. Thank you for considering me. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to the future of this organization.

Maggie Holmberg

Hello, my name is Maggie Holmberg and I would like to be considered for the Central Park Players Board of Directors

I have been involved in theater both onstage and offstage since I was very young.  I have been involved with Central Park Players since 2018 . I was onstage most recently in  The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and previosuly in  Parfumerie,  Newsies Jr,  The Lion King Jr,  and Shrek Jr  I have also volunteered for Day Camp “Compose Yourself” as well as the Coast Guard parades.  and I was a co-recipient of the Excellence in Family Theatre Award in 2023.

Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, I was almost always involved in a play or musical.  Believe it or not, for some time I did not like to be on stage, but I still wanted to participate in theater.. During that time  I learned how to run a light board,  so that I could continue to be involved in another part of theater. 

At  Grand Haven High School I was in Drama Club for 4 years, and  served on the Drama Club board my senior year. As a Board Member I helped to plan and lead meetings and activities for all members. I participated in the Michigan Thespian Festival for two years and  learned even more about theater from the workshops there. Because of my active involvement in Theatre  I  was inducted into the International Thespian Society  and I also  received chords from Grand Haven Drama which I proudly wore at Graduation.  Aside from theater, I  also spent many years performing with Orchestra and GOTAK.(Grand Haven’s Irish Fiddle Group) 

 I have experience in working through challenges, like finding ways to safely continue with theater even during the pandemic so that I could continue to share my talents with my school and community.   I  am willing to help out where needed, not only onstage, but also behind the scenes.  I feel that I am a good listener. I  like to share ideas and gain new knowledge.

I  like listening to different opinions and working with others to make decisions based on what we believe is best. Theatre really is a second home for me and I feel that being on the CPP Board will be another opportunity for me to learn more about, and be actively involved,  in community theater.. 

Riley Van Ess

To whom it may concern, 

My name is Riley Van Ess, and I have decided to run for a two year position
on the board of Central Park Players. After moving to Grand Haven in late 2021,
I have had the pleasure of getting involved in a few productions on stage and
will be assistant directing this fall for A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. 

As you all know, Central Park Players has a rich history of over 60 years in
our community. This legacy is a testament to the dedication and passion of
everyone involved, and I am committed to building on this foundation, elected
or not. There are a few challenges CPP faces, including navigating a shared
rehearsal/performance space with other community organizations and a lack of
robust volunteerism, but I see these as roadblocks in which collaboration and
innovation can lead to new solutions.

Having worked with numerous theaters across West Michigan, I understand the
importance of fostering a culture where people feel welcomed and appreciated. I
believe that creating an environment of gratitude for everyone involved will
not only retain the dedicated members of this theater but also attract new
talent (both on and off stage), as well as audiences.

If elected to the board, I will prioritize collaboration with community
stakeholders and local businesses. Embracing these partnerships can provide
valuable resources and support, helping Central Park Players to grow and thrive
on its already strong foundation in the community. 

Thank you. 

Christian Fletcher

Greetings, I am Christian Fletcher, a 22 year old Computer Science Student
at Muskegon Community College , and I am interested in running for a one-year
position on the board of Central Park Players. While I am relatively new to the
intricacies of theater management, I bring a wealth of experience in both professional
and theatrical customer service. My portfolio includes involvement in
productions such as “RENT,” “Cinderella,” “Runaway Princess, ” “Little Shop of Horrors, ” “Alice by
Heart,” and “Ragtime,” all within a single year.

Having recently become acquainted with your esteemed 60-year-old institution
and participating in my first production, I have developed a deep admiration
for its rich history.

Recognizing the challenges we face, including enhancing our media presence,
securing adequate rehearsal spaces, and recruiting volunteers, I am prepared to
address these issues with a strategic and inclusive approach. Leveraging my
expertise in social media marketing and customer service, I aim not just to
tackle these obstacles but to transform them into opportunities for growth.

Fostering a positive and supportive culture among the board members and
performers is a primary focus for me. A vibrant organizational culture
translates onto the stage, attracting fresh talent and resources that can
enhance the company’s financial standing.

I believe in creating avenues for both organizational and individual growth.
Our local talents in Grand Haven and Muskegon deserve platforms to shine rather
than remain untapped. If entrusted with this position, I will emphasize the cultivation
of a robust culture, expanding our media footprint, and exploring innovative
ways to engage investors and audiences. I am enthusiastic about contributing to
the continuation of a storied legacy built on a solid foundation.

I humbly request your consideration of my candidacy.

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