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Holiday Chestnuts: A Fun Selection of Seasonal Shorts

Book by: Various

Director: Natalie Carmolli

Performance Dates:

Join us this season for eight delightful holiday-themed short plays!

Poinsettia vs. the Christmas Cactus: A Yuletide Smackdown 

Written by: Jonathan Grahm

All is not calm as the Christmas decorations get into a ruckus over their places on the holiday pecking order. Poinsettia and the Christmas Cactus skirmish over which is on the top of the botanical Christmas list. Soon, an Advent calendar and a dancing Santa are ready to jump into the fray, but Mistletoe arrives just in time and manages to keep the peace.

How I Met Your Santa

By Daniel Guyton

Mrs Claus reveals how she and Santa first met in this adorable one-woman monologue.

Death of a A Snowman

By Daniel Guyton

A young girl and her snowman discuss the afterlife in this existential winter drama.

A Christmas Chaos

By Michael Wehrli

A fast and frenetic comedy that takes the audience on a roller coaster ride through Charles Dickens’ classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge. Our intrepid band of hearty actors bravely attempt to present the entire story in only ten minutes! All the actors play multiple roles including one who plays both Bob and Mrs. Cratchit (at the same time)! Wild and hilarious, this short play manages to satirize both the classic story and theatrical backstage mayhem at the same time.

Oy Vey Maria

By Mark Harvey Levine

It’s a not-so-silent night when Mary’s Jewish mother shows up at the manger.

Christmas Breaks

By Patrick Gabridge

Christmas is the perfect time to be in love, or so Marcie thought. When her boyfriend surprises her with a variety of gifts to help her deal with him breaking up with her, Marcie’s holiday plans take a nosedive. But endings can bring on new beginnings in this clever comedy about exes, neuroses, and the power of poetry.

A Tree in the House

By Kari Catton

An older dog explains to a puppy why his owners have brought a tree into the house and decorated it with chew toys.

All in a Day’s Work

By Natalie Carmolli

A short comedy about the stresses of being a mall elf. Five elves complain about managing the line of children waiting to see Santa.

Holiday Chestnuts


Please contact centralparkplayers@gmail.com to support this show as:


Lighting Design

Lighting Operation

Head of House


A Tree in the House
Chief: Michael Baribeau
Rusty: Reese Canan

Poinsettia vs Christmas Cactus: A Yuletide Smackdown
Poinsettia: Diane Reeths
Christmas Cactus: Johnny Phillips
Advent Calendar: Michaela Kerkstra
Dancing Santa: Gabi Tomes
Mistletoe: Emily Kindervater

How I Met Your Santa
Diane Van Wesep
Elf Break RoomElf 1: Liriel Wemus
Elf 2: Gabi Tomes
Elf 3: Alicia Phipps
Elf 4: Gretchen Fields
Elf 5: Darcie Beekman
Elf 6: Melissa Bush

Christmas Breaks
Marcie: Emily Kindervater
Peter: Kristopher Arnold
Davis: Scott Murphy

Death of a Snowman
Snowman: Bruce Baker
Charlotte: Reese Canan

A Christmas Chaos
Actor 1: Scott Murphy
Actor 2: Emily Holmberg
Actor 3: Kristopher Arnold
Actor 4: Aurora Shewmake
Actor 5: Michaela Kerkstra
Actor 6: Joy Lamphere

Muletide Season
Cow: Amy Lalick
Goat: Keegan Troccko
Boar: Johnny Phillips
Mule: Michaela Kerkstra

Oy Vey Maria
Mary: Liriel Wemus
Ann: Jennifer Christman
Joachim: Michael Baribeau
King 1: Bruce Baker
King 2: Kristopher Arnold
King 3: Scott Murphy
Drummer Boy: Emily Holmberg
Joseph: Gabi Tomes

Congratulations to the Cast of Clue: On Stage

CPP is proud to announce the cast of Clue!

Wadsworth- Scott Murphy
Yvette- Gabi Tomes
Miss Scarlet- Aurora Shewmake
Mrs. Peacock- Jayne Werner
Mrs. White- Emily Kindervater
Colonel Mustard- Kevin Prince
Professor Plum- Dustin Day
Mr. Green- Michael James Post
The Cook- Crystal Miel
Singing Telegram Girl- Emily Drost
Mr. Boddy- William Mitchell
The Motorist- Mark Martin
Chief of Police- Ted Jawor
Unexpected Cop- Kevin Smith
Backup Cop 1- Megan Sebastian
Backup Cop 2- Rich Holmberg
Unseen Murderer Emily Holmberg

Thank you to everyone that shared their love of theatre with us through the audition process.
CPP is fortunate to have so many talented people wanting to be involved, THANK YOU ALL!

Clue: On Stage

Book by: Sandy Rustin

Additional Material by Hunter Foster, Sandy Rustin, and Eric Price
Based on the Paramount Pictures Motion Picture
Based on the Hasbro board game CLUE
Original Music by David Abbinanti
“Clue (Alternate I)” (a/k/a “Clue Main Title”)
Written by John Morris
Used by permission of Sony/ATV Harmony (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.

Directed by: Darcie Beekman
Assistant Directed by: Tammy Shake
Produced by: Joy Lamphere

By special arrangement with The Araca Group, Work Light Productions, and Michael Barra/Lively McCabe
Produced by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing. (www.broadwaylicensing.com)

Performance Dates:

October 15, 2021 7:30 pm

October 16, 2021 7:30 pm

October 17, 2021 2:00 pm

October 22, 2021 7:30 pm

October 23, 2021 7:30 pm

It’s a dark and stormy night, and you’ve been invited to a very unusual dinner party. Each of the guests has an alias, the butler offers a variety of weapons, and the host is, well . . . dead. So whodunnit? Join the iconic oddballs known as Scarlet, Plum, White, Green, Peacock, and Mustard as they race to find the murderer in Boddy Manor before the body count stacks up. Based on the cult classic film and the popular board game, Clue is a madcap comedy that will keep you guessing until the final twist.

CPP Annual Picnic Summary

Such a fantastic time seeing friends and meeting new people!

Join us in congratulating all of our volunteers that make Central Park Players what it is along with the Bess Z winners from the 2019/2020 season. While we missed those unable to attend, we are pleased that NOW everyone is getting their recognition!

Best Show: “Into the Woods” Director- Peter Drost, Assistant Director- Joseph Andersen, Theatrical Producer- Darcie Beekman, House Producer- Barb DeVries, Music Director- Lauren Mixter and Choreographer- Samantha Farrar

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Kristopher Arnold as Theodore Laurence in “Little Women”

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Lena Hilliard as Jo in “Little Women”

Best Actor in a Major Supporting Role: Ray Ziemelis as Harry in “Old Ringers”

Best Actress in a Major Supporting Role: Trudi Kitchka as Kathy Ann in “Old Ringers”

Best Actor in a Minor Supporting Role: Mike Hassett as The Steward & The Wolf in “Into the Woods”

Best Actress in a Minor Supporting Role: Ruth Bethke as Aunt March in “Little Women ”

Best Cameo Appearance: Mark Martin as Cinderella’s Father in “Into the Woods”

Best Outstanding Design Award: Lisa Hilliard for Costumes in “Into the Woods”

(Above awards determined by Anonymous judges)

Phyllis Pelligeino Award for Excellence in Family Theatre: Trudi Kitchka

Family Theatre Student Award: Emily Drost

(Phyllis Pelligeino and Family Theatre awards determined by the Education committee)

Volunteer Service Award: Shawn Krohn

(Above award is determined by the entire CPP Board of Directors)

The Bess Z Award for Outstanding Dedication to CPP Award: Becky Smith

(Above award is determined by the Bess Z committee)

Presidential Award for Outstanding Dedication to CPP Award: Darcie Beekman

(Above award is determined by the CPP Board President)

Video montage from CPP Annual Picnic

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2021/2022 Board of Directors election.

Well done, everyone! Much thanks to Lisa Hilliard, Joseph Andersen, Dawn Zuidema and MyKenzie Miller. We appreciate your dedication and experience.

We would like to welcome our first-time elected board members Diane Reeths, Michelle Stockman, Heidi Strasser and Amber Ponce. We look forward to the new ideas and energy that you will bring to the organization!

CPP has had a long tradition of participation and contributions to the Board from our community, and this year was no exception. Our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who also stepped up for us and put their names on this year’s ballot: Sean Huntington and Richard Millman. Your enthusiasm for our organization continues to elevate and drive us as we move forward.

Welcome to our newly elected board members, Diane Reeths, Michelle Stockman, Heidi Strasser, and Amber Ponce!

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