Bess Z Nominees

The Bess Z judges have spoken! Nominations and winners are determined by our panel of anonymous judges. Each judge attends one show for each of our main season productions.

Please join us at 6:00pm for our “Central Park Players Annual Summer Picnic” on Friday, July 14th, at Central Park Place in Grand Haven. We will hold our meeting in the Escanaba Room due to inclement weather. Here, the winners are announced.

A round of applause for every person both on stage and off this season. Thank you for sharing your time and talents. We sure gave our community some tremendous art!

Please help us congratulate the 2022-2023 Bess Z Award Nominees:

Lead Male Performance

  • MICHAEL HASSETT as Scratch (the devil) inWitch
  • ANDREW KITCHKA as Marvin in Guys on Ice
  • SETH KAUDERER as Lenny Ganz in Rumors

Lead Female Performance

  • ASHLEY ZIMMERMAN as Chris Gorman in Rumors
  • KARLY CARR as Claire Ganz in Rumors

Major Supporting Male Performance

  • AARON PONCE as Cuddy Banks in Witch
  • RILEY VAN ESS as Ernie Cusack in Rumors

Major Supporting Female Performance

  • RUTH BETHKE as Cookie Cusack in Rumors

Minor Supporting Male Performance

  • MICHAEL STOCKMAN as Radio Announcer in Guys on Ice
  • KYLE PENLAND as Glenn Cooper in Rumors

Minor Supporting Female Performance

  • AURORA SHEWMAKE as Winnifred in Witch
  • AURORA SHEWMAKE as Cassie Cooper in Rumors

Cameo Performance

  • DIANE REETHS as Officer Connie Pudney in Rumors

Outstanding Design Award

  • CHRIS FARRAR for Stage Combat for Witch
  • TIM HALL for Set Design for Guys on Ice
  • NATALIE CARMOLLI for Costumes for Guys on Ice
  • ALICIA PHIPPS for Properties for Guys on Ice
  • ANDREW KITCHKA for Sound Design for Guys on Ice
  • BLAKE FILIUS for Set Design for Rumors
  • LINDA DAUGHERTY for Properties for Rumors
  • BECKY ANDERSON for Hair & Make-up for Rumors

Best Show

Each person in the group will receive an award


  • Andrew Kitchka, Director
  • Darcie Beekman, Producer
  • Kevin Smith, AD/SM
  • Michaela Kerkstra, Choreographer


  • Trudi Kitchka, Director
  • Diane Reeths, Producer
  • Lisa Hilliard, AD/SM
  • Renee Carpenter, Music Director
  • Lydia Amaya, Choreographer


  • Megan Sebastian, Director
  • Diane Reeths, Producer
  • Jennifer Reeths, AD/SM

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  1. Congratulations to Ruth Bethke for her your nomination!
    It’s great to see a name/talent that is so recognizable.

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