Board Elections

Announcing the 2021-2022 Board of Directors Nominees

We have 4 outstanding nominees for our Board of Directors. Here is more information about them (in alphabetical order).

Michael Baribeau

Many with CPP have had an opportunity to work with me and know me as enthusiastic, helpful, and reliable. I think we can all agree theatre is not just an art but also family and for both reasons I am emotionally and personally invested and want to see it not only succeed but grow.

I have served mostly in a performance and crew capacity with no formal theatre education. From 2005-2015, I performed and competed in barbershop quartets from Grand Rapids on the state level, the Lansing Great Lakes Harmony Brigade, Indiana Harmony Brigade, and Grand Rapids Barbershop Great Lakes Chorus on the international level plus performing at community events and their yearly Spring and Winter holiday concerts. I was also the Great Lakes Chorus webmaster and Facebook admin.

From 2016-2020, I performed monthly for Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcasts as well as emceed in Grand Rapids and Muskegon, with the Halloween shows typically selling out. Technically I was named director of the Muskegon Denton High Drama Club RHPS adult shadowcast but not much direction was required. I was also the Denton High Drama Club’s webmaster and Facebook admin. I was involved in creating some of the preshow skits like reciting the Tam O’Shanter poem while audience members were dressed as witches and giving chase, a ‘killer’ beach party skit where a mass murderer kills actors pretending to be audience members while playing Annette Funicello’s California Sun, and a funny game I created also as a preshow skit called ‘What’s Up Your Butt’. We still do occasional special appearances like this June 1st I’m emceed and played Riff Raff at the LGBT Pride Month 2022 in the Saugatuck Woman’s Club for the group Community Pride.

From 2008-present, I performed in numerous west Michigan community theatre companies, mostly small venues. Recently from 2021-22 I did strike and played the judge in Holland Community Theatre’s The Government Inspector, painted sets, did strike, and played in the pirate chorus in West Michigan’s Savoyards Pirates Of Penzance, helped construction of the 2021 CPP float, was props in CPP’s Godspell Jr, played Joachim and the talking dog Chief in CPP’s Holiday Chestnuts, worked set painting, stagehand, and was the kite in CPP’s You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, helped strike, was props, stagehand, and clave performer in CPP’s A Piece Of My Heart, and occasional image contributor for the CPP Facebook page.

My family are very supportive of my involvement including my wife who has also been painting sets and ushering. We are residents of Grand Haven and employed there as well since 2017. We live just 5 minutes away from the Grand Haven Community Theatre.

Darcie Beekman

I am current Vice-President and seeking re-election for Central Park Players Board of Directors. I have been involved with CPP since 2014 and on the board 2 years after that. I have been in front of the curtain and behind the curtain in almost every capacity. I have gathered donations for multiple events, organized fundraisers and lead and participated on many committees/sub-committees.

I am a positive, go-getter that has lots of enthusiasm and ideas. I have a timely work ethic and drive to follow through with things I put my mind to. I have brought several new things to CPP including: a float in the Coast Guard Grand Parade, Pamphlets being handed out at our fundraisers, Parade float and downtown Grand Haven Visitors Bureau, Support shirts and other items for purchase, Paint Donation Drop off day, just to name a few things.

I have such love and dedication for this theatre. I fill in if needed and able, I have that “can do” spirit, to a fault. I want others to know and love Central Park Players like I do. I hope to be able to stay on the Board of Directors for CPP and continue to help this community gem shine! Thank you!

Amy Lalick-Prinzi

I have recently learned about lighting, can run lights, have run sound, have helped with and run costumes for shows, worked with the parade groups, performed, assistant directed as well as stage managed, and am directing my first show this summer.

I have been involved with our group since 2014, and have worked in many ways for our productions.

I have also worked with Muskegon Civic Theatre recently and have learned a lot from their team of people. As we have few people helping with lights now especially, I want to make sure we have someone working with us on this side as we want to make sure our lighting is done well, safely, and have what we need to make this part of our shows happen.

Mary Ellen Murphy

My involvement with CPP started with an introduction to the theater company with an interview with your Director Trudi Kitcha. From there I auditioned and was cast as Verna in Old Ringers in March of 2020 then Covid hit.

I think I would be a good fit because of my media and marketing experience. I am confident I can use my contacts to help spread the word on your organization. I am a quick study and an expert at multi tasking which means this position would not interfere with my work schedule.

It’s so much more than that though. It’s all about passion too. My passion for your organization. I am on the outside looking in. I always felt that local theater was one big clique and that is why I never auditioned. That was not my experience at CPP and you brought me back to life. I think I can help with getting more people in the seats if I were on the board. It would be interesting to see what your demographics are and who is going to your shows.

I have a lot to learn and would embrace the chance to do so. I am in treatment for early stage 1 breast cancer but will be available for meetings and helping with shows. My radiation will only be for 6 weeks. I have an excellent prognosis. Having to give up my role in A Piece of my Heart was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I remember while having the biopsy asking the Radiologist if it was cancer because I was in a play and that was my first concern if that tells you anything about my passion.

I also have some ideas for fundraising.

You are my people. I never ever thought I would find a place where I feel at home after being off the stage since high school in 1981 but I did and I thank you for that.

What does a director do?

  • Help make decisions on the artistic & financial future of the theatre.
  • Attend all productions; 4 Season Shows & 1 Family Theatre Summer Show.
  • Work as artistic staff on at least 2 productions per season; direct, AD/SM, produce, costume, lights, sound, etc.
  • Attend monthly board meetings, missing no more than 2 per year.
  • Chair a committee & report on its activities & growth each month.

Election Information

When are elections?

Elections are held & ballots are counted at our annual picnic.
Join us on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 6PM at Pottawatomie Park in Grand Haven.

How many director positions are on the ballot?

We will elect 3 directors for the 2022-2025 (3 year) term and 1 director for the 2022-2024 (2 year) term.

How long is a director’s term?

3 years (July 2022 – June 2025)
We have one board member leaving before the end of her current term; one of the elected board members will serve a 2 year term. The director with the shorter term will be decided among the Board of Directors.

Are there any prequalifications for directors?

The only requirement is that nominees must be active members at the time of the election.

They do not need previous experience on a board, on stage, or behind the scenes at Central Park Players. Our board is made up of directors with a number of different backgrounds. For us to maintain & grow our organization, it is important that our board members offer a variety of strengths and skills.

I have a conflict and cannot attend the annual meeting / picnic. Can I still cast a vote?

As we are holding our meeting earlier this year, and we have not announced it very far in advance, we will provide options for members to vote secretly online prior to the election. To receive a ballot, you must renew your membership and contact for your ballot(s). Online ballots must be cast by 11:59PM on June 10.
Write-in and floor nominations accepted for in-person or online voting.

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