Join the Central Park Players Board of Directors for our 65th Season!

Make an Impact on our Present and Future as a Board Member

We have 5 positions open to voting for our board of directors:

  • 3 Positions with 3 year terms
  • 1 Position with 2 year terms
  • 1 Position with 1 year term

What does a director do?

  • Help make decisions on the artistic & financial future of the theatre.
  • Attend all productions; 4 Season Shows & 1 Family Theatre Summer Show.
  • Attend monthly board meetings, missing no more than 2 per year.
  • Chair or collaborate with a non-board member chair of a committee & report on its activities & growth each month.

Election Information

How do I run for the board of directors?

Submit your name and letter of interest to Please include your interests in running for the board. If desired, you may send a photo. We’ll post your information on our website and email it to our patrons two weeks prior to the meeting. If desired, you may submit your name on the floor at the meeting prior to the vote.

When are elections?

Elections are held & ballots are counted at our annual picnic.
Join us on Friday, July 14, 2023 at 6PM at Pottawatomie Park in Grand Haven.

How many director positions are on the ballot?

We will elect 3 directors for the 2023-2026 (3 year) term, 1 director for the 2023-2025 (2 year) term and 1 director for the 2023-2024 (1 year) term.

How long is a director’s term?

3 years (July 2023 – June 2026)
We have two board members leaving before the end of their current terms; one of the elected board members will serve a 2 year term. The directors with the shorter term will be decided among the Board of Directors.

Are there any pre-qualifications for directors?

The only requirement is that nominees must be active members at the time of the election.

They do not need previous experience on a board, on stage, or behind the scenes at Central Park Players. Our board is made up of directors with a number of different backgrounds. For us to maintain & grow our organization, it is important that our board members offer a variety of strengths and skills. We especially welcome individuals with backgrounds in customer service, accounting, legal, grant-writing, and marketing.

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