Call for Directors for the 2024-2025 Season: “Generations”

Thank you for your consideration in directing for Central Park Players 2024-25 season. In order to curate a season that reflects our theater’s unique needs we will be attempting a different approach.

Submissions for the next season are open October 10th thru December 15th 2023.

None of the following should be seen as limiting what time frame you would like to work on a show but simply seen as a wish-list by our artistic committee. We will adjust based on our submissions and will take into consideration director availability. That being said, if you are able, please consider the following ideas as you prepare your submissions:

1st show, Fall 2024

Drama/Suspense, preferably something popular, classic, or has performer appeal.
Auditions: August | Performances: October

2nd show, Holiday 2024

In order to create a unique opportunity for our theater community we would like to place our musical slot in this time frame, which was traditionally reserved for Christmas themed shows. We believe that we can create the Christmas spirit by offering a family-friendly crowd-pleasing Musical as a gift to our patrons and their families of any age. Christmas shows will still be considered.
Auditions: October | Performances: December

3rd show, Winter 2025

This is a great opportunity to experiment in your submissions. New, or newer playwrights, edgier content, and more experimental opportunities. Any genre can be submitted in this slot, comedy, drama, even a musical (as long as it is smaller scale).
Auditions: January| Performances: March

4th show, Spring 2025

Crowd-pleasing Comedy, can round out our regular season.
Auditions: March | Performances: May

5th show, Summer 2025

Family Show
Auditions: June | Performances: July

Family Shows in both the Holiday slot and the Summer slot will be open to casting of ages 8 to 99, based on that shows cast requirements & needs.

THEME: Generations

The 2024-25 season will have a unifying theme. The theme for this season will be: Generations.
Consider this theme as you consider what shows to submit.
The theme can represent but is not limited to:

  • a different time period
  • parent/child relationships
  • generational shifts and ideas

The artistic committee will be responsible for finding how your show fits into this theme but should not be seen as something your show has to explicitly speak to. This is a new attempt to try and create a unified vision, which will largely be left up to our artistic and marketing teams as we begin to design the season.


Please keep in mind that we share our theater space.

  • We continue to ask all directors to choose shows without strenuous set design, or experiment with ways to convey your show with less traditional set plans.
  • Always remember that our sets need to easily be disassembled and reassembled.
  • While these restrictions continue to be our norm, for now, it does not mean you cannot use your creativity and your production teams’ creativity to convey what your show needs.
  • Who knows, you might find a unique way of staging that you didn’t think was possible!

Thank you for your consideration in working with Central Park Players,
Aaron Ponce, Artistic Committee Chair.

Note: These ideas were discussed and workshopped by representatives of Central Park Players during the 2023 CTAM Conference through discussions with theaters of similar make up to our community and the unique needs in a post-COVID landscape. If these ideas do not bring in the desired results, we are prepared to return to our traditional structure.

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