Congratulations to the Cast of Frozen, Jr.

The production team of Frozen, Jr. thanks all of the auditioners who shared their talents and time with us this week. We are proud to announce the cast of our 2024 summer family theatre production!

The Royal Family
  • Rory Ponce as Anna
  • Eden Navis as Elsa
  • Marissa Roll as Middle Anna
  • Briar Graham as Middle Elsa
  • Priscilla Roma as Young Anna
  • Madelyn Jackson as Young Elsa
  • Cohen Ketner as King Agnar
  • Shelly Marsh as Queen Iduna
Our Leading “Men”
  • Sebastien Navis as Kristoff
  • Rob Hentschel as Hans
  • Kendall Haynes as Olaf
  • James Beahan as Sven
Snow Chorus
  • Stella Lassanske, Dance Captain
  • Adelyn Bretz
  • Sevanah Clover
  • Briar Graham
  • Marissa Roll
  • Priscilla Roma
Hidden Folk
  • Nora Kinziger as Pabbie
  • Jordy Nelson as Bulda
  • Ariana Cihak
  • Madelyn Jackson
  • Cohen Ketner
  • Shelly Marsh
  • Charlie Norton
  • Ashlynne Olger
  • Olivia Rau
  • Kristin Schmitt
  • Lillie Shafer
  • Rhyse Shafer
  • Ashley Tesmer
  • Kevin Vanlinden
Citizens of Arendelle
  • Josi Koss as the Duke of Weselton
  • Charlie Norton as the Bishop
  • Jonah Beute, Adelyn Bretz, and Izzy Shafer as the Castle Staff
  • Jonah Beute and Joel Kondrat as the Guards
  • Evelyn Bazler, Ariana Cihak, Aryannah Gonzalez, Nora Kinziger, Joel Kondrat, Jordy Nelson, Ashlynne Olger, Olivia Rau, Kristin Schmitt, Lillie Shafer, Rhyse Shafer, Ashley Tesmer, and Arabella Wells as the Townspeople
Oaken & Family
  • Ashley Tesmer as Oaken
  • Jonah Beute
  • Aryannah Gonzalez
  • Cohen Ketner
  • Shelly Marsh
Summer Chorus
  • Evelyn Baszler
  • Ariana Cihak
  • Nora Kinziger
  • Joel Kondrat
  • Jordy Nelson
  • Charlie Norton
  • Ashlynne Olger
  • Olivia Rau
  • Kristin Schmitt
  • Kevin Vanlinden

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