Behind the Scenes

More information on our volunteer / production staff roles coming soon.


Assistant Director / Stage Manager [AD/SM]

Set Design & Construction

Lighting & Sound Design


Music Director



Box Office


Annually, a call for directors will be posted. Typically, they are requested for submission in December.

The director is responsible for all aspects of production from casting through delegation and coordination.


  • Read script and develop concept of production.
  • Select production staff to include producer and assistant director/stage manager (AD/SM). For musicals, also select music director and choreographer.
  • Communicate production concept to production crew chairs.
  • Develop budget allocations with producer.
  • Present concept, cast, and special requirements to the CPP Board for approval.
  • Determine audition dates and rehearsal schedule in cooperation with AD/SM.
  • Determine blocking for production.
  • Select assistant director/stage manager.
  • In the case of a musical production, select music director and choreographer.


  • Select audition scenes with AD/SM.
  • Create casting committee to include AD/SM, producer, one board member, and others
    as appropriate. For musicals, include the music director and choreographer.
  • Conduct auditions:
    • Communicate cast and character requirements to auditioning actors.
    • Consult with casting committee members about auditioning actors’ suitability for specific roles.
    • Determine cast. Director has final cast approval.
    • Announce cast as soon as practical. Call actors who are cast before anyone else in case someone turns down a role and it needs to be re-cast.

The CPP Board of Directors has appointed an audition chairperson who works in cooperation with the director and producer to obtain actor information sheets and staff the audition sign-in process.


  • Communicate rules for rehearsal locations to cast members and ensure compliance.
  • Work with cast to develop characterization consistent with production concept.
  • Meet with production and technical crews regularly. At four to six weeks before opening night, meet weekly to ensure production concept continuity.
  • Attend production meetings.

Tech Week

  • Consult with production and technical crews to ensure adherence to production concept.
  • Attend all technical rehearsals.

Run of Show

  • Attend opening night and Afterglow.
  • Attend performances.
  • Attend cast party.


  • Attend strike and ensure all areas used by CPP are left in pre-use condition.
  • Write thank-you notes as needed.