Central Park Players

Grand Haven Papa Murphy’s Fundraiser each 3rd Thursday of the month in 2021 – TODAY!!

Mark your calendar and set a notification.

Every 3rd Thursday of the month is…PIZZA THURSDAY!

Our first one is Thursday, January 21st!

CPP receives 30% of the price of your order.

Only at the Grand Haven Papa Murphy’s location you make an ONLINE ORDER ONLY using the code- ENJOY

Visit: www.papamurphys.com

Dates: 1/21/21, 2/18/21, 3/18/21, 4/15/21, 5/20/21, 6/17/21, 7/15/21, 8/19/21, 9/16/21, 10/21/21, 11/18/21, 12/15/21

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