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Holiday Chestnuts


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Lighting Design

Lighting Operation

Head of House


A Tree in the House
Chief: Michael Baribeau
Rusty: Reese Canan

Poinsettia vs Christmas Cactus: A Yuletide Smackdown
Poinsettia: Diane Reeths
Christmas Cactus: Johnny Phillips
Advent Calendar: Michaela Kerkstra
Dancing Santa: Gabi Tomes
Mistletoe: Emily Kindervater

How I Met Your Santa
Diane Van Wesep
Elf Break RoomElf 1: Liriel Wemus
Elf 2: Gabi Tomes
Elf 3: Alicia Phipps
Elf 4: Gretchen Fields
Elf 5: Darcie Beekman
Elf 6: Melissa Bush

Christmas Breaks
Marcie: Emily Kindervater
Peter: Kristopher Arnold
Davis: Scott Murphy

Death of a Snowman
Snowman: Bruce Baker
Charlotte: Reese Canan

A Christmas Chaos
Actor 1: Scott Murphy
Actor 2: Emily Holmberg
Actor 3: Kristopher Arnold
Actor 4: Aurora Shewmake
Actor 5: Michaela Kerkstra
Actor 6: Joy Lamphere

Muletide Season
Cow: Amy Lalick
Goat: Keegan Troccko
Boar: Johnny Phillips
Mule: Michaela Kerkstra

Oy Vey Maria
Mary: Liriel Wemus
Ann: Jennifer Christman
Joachim: Michael Baribeau
King 1: Bruce Baker
King 2: Kristopher Arnold
King 3: Scott Murphy
Drummer Boy: Emily Holmberg
Joseph: Gabi Tomes

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