Four Places [cancelled]

Four Places is a dramatic play written by Joel Drake Johnson. Central Park Players is pleased to present this as the third production of our 2022-2023 season. Please note that this play has adult themes and language.

With very deep regret, we are announcing that Central Park Player’s production of Four Places cannot take place. Due to family loss and multiple health concerns, our dedicated cast of four simply faced too many hurdles to overcome. We very much wanted to share this powerful play. We hope to find another way to bring this show to our patrons, but have no set plans at this time.

Performance Dates

All Showings Have Been Canceled


  • Ashley Zimmerman as Ellen
  • William Mitchell as Warren
  • Darcie Beekman as Peggy
  • Alicia Phipps as Barb

Production Staff

  • Director: Darcie Beekman
  • Assistant Director / Stage Manager: Laurie Strait
  • Producer: Michael Baribeau

About Four Places

When Peggy’s two adult children take her out for lunch, they quietly begin to take apart her life. The drinks come fast, the tempers peak, the food flies.

“The communication between the siblings (long united in fending off ‘the common enemy’) is priceless—at times hilarious, but at other moments filled with deep anguish and pain. And it is a sense of loss, of course, that infuses everything in Peggy’s dwindling life.”

Chicago Sun-Times

“FOUR PLACES is a meticulously structured work that captures a decades-long history of paralyzing family resentments, depleted affections, and sublimated cruelties in a single, uninterrupted 90-minute scene. With excruciating patience, Johnson lets two middle-aged siblings and their elderly mother lead one another—with the best intentions—to a place where forgiveness, understanding, and even love may no longer be possible.”

Chicago Reader

“…like watching George and Martha’s kids take their mom out to eat. Gradually we learn how Peggy and her husband have been living, and why. Their wounds are ancient, but they’re being reopened. The children struggle to wrap their minds around this fresh hell: Is Peggy abusing her husband—or is it the other way around?”

Los Angeles Times

“FOUR PLACES is intense, remorseless drama at its finest. As in life, at play’s end there is resolution and compromise but little sign of happiness.”


FOUR PLACES is presented by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing, LLC, servicing the Dramatists Play Service collection.