Attend a Show

Support for your local theatre can take any form. As a volunteer-run organization, Central Park Players appreciates your contributions, both monetary and of time.

Central Park Players puts on 4 regular season shows and a summer theatre family show.


We are in need of many volunteers, as that is how our organization runs! Specifically, we are in need of stage crew and tech staff. For running the organization, we need the support of people with experience who could advise on legal and human resources matters. While we do not have any employees, we strive to keep our volunteers, performers and patrons safe in the same manner an employer would. We also are working on expanding our initiatives for diversity, equity and inclusion.

If any of these areas of need are something you could lend your time and skills to, please reach out to our team.


Our community theatre has kept ticket pricing accessible through the support of individuals and organizations in our community. We invite those with the means to help support affordable theatre education and performances in West Michigan.

Opportunities include:

  • Make a Donation to our General Fund
  • Underwrite a Show
  • Sponsor an Educational Class or our ACT ONE Day Camp
  • Host a Central Park Players Fundraising Event
  • Donate Gift Certificates or Goods for Raffling at Fundraising Events


We are featuring advertisers in a monthly callboard list which has over 900 active subscribers. This is an added benefit to the feature in the printed programs distributed during performances. Advertising is a low cost way to show your support for local arts and gain visibility for your company or organization.